In Search of Wisdom

The party has returned victorious from the stronghold of Quasqueton, having earned a little coin, learned a disturbing truth, and returned the lost family heirloom to Idella, the blind seamstress. 

The tunnels beneath the craggy hills revealed the dark nature of the figures of legend which the world see as heroes. Unsure of how to handle the information, the party focuses on last works of Rogahn and Zelligar; A folio of ancient vellum and Zelligar's research notes which indicate the pair were searching for a place called the Armoury of the First, and it's key, the Pearl of Wisdom. Following the rumours, Rogahn and Zelligar ventured into the Savage Wastes 38 years ago, believing the Pearl of Wisdom to be hidden in a temple from ages past. The party from Fair Hill are looking to follow in their path and determine what progress the false idols had made and what possible dangers have been unleashed upon Tauln.

The party is starting as 3rd level adventurers having just completed a years journey to the far ends of the continent. Fair Hill is home to the party, be it through birth or immigration, and no sooner have they returned than they have been asked to set out once again.

The initial dungeon crawl is adapted from the TSR module B1, In Search of the Unknown, from 1979, and is used as the hook and platform for the rest of the campaign, which is a homebrew adventure set in a homebrew world.

  • Any Paizo published material is allowed.
  • Stat generation is 4d6 drop the lowest, assign rolls to stats as preferred.
  • Starting gold is 1700gp, max value of any single item is 850gp.
  • Traits are being allowed as per the standard rules.
  • Drawbacks are not being used.
  • Leveling will be done via milestones. Progression will be the equivalent of the slow XP track.

In Search of Destiny

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