Valyn Amikiir (Deceased)

Elven Psychic and Disciple of the 3rd Eye


Valyn Amikiir is a local elf and former student of the Monastery of the Untwisting Iron where he trained to perfect his body and mind. Most in town saw him as a fraud, claiming to foresee futures and see in to the minds eye to help those seeking guidance and advice in their lives. For those that did partake in his readings his results could not be disputed. He joined the adventuring party hoping to prove his worth to his new friends and to the town but was readily shown up time and again by Taramis.

He hopes to increase his psychic powers adventuring with his new friends to increase his usefulness in battle and help the local people as best he can.


Valyn was raised by his grand parents after his parents were lost. He loved them very much but as his internal power surged he was having trouble controlling his new abilities. He moved to fair hill and joined the monastery to hone his discipline, in mind and body and after a few years left to start his own practice in Medium and Psychic services.

Valyn Amikiir (Deceased)

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